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What are foot-friendly healthy socks?
Body’s tiredness carries over to its feet. It is at this point that the health and comfort of your feet are our main concerns. You can protect your foot health by wearing organic, bamboo or cotton socks designed and produced exclusively for you by Hugh Ugoli.
Socks with natural materials are also more comfortable to wear. No matter how long your feet are inside the shoes, they do not sweat. The breathable material prevents sweat smells and does not cause odors as it provides an efficient air circulation.
Our foot friendly socks also prevent health problems such as fungus, calluses, and more that can occur on the feet. The high quality threads and all materials are used to relax the blood circulation in your feet. All you have to do is wear socks that will keep you comfortable all day.

Top Tips for Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are designed especially for diabetics and are preffered by pregnant women in particular.
Diabetic patients should be aware of the importance of prevention, early recognition, and access to the right treatment when problems occur. Individuals with swollenness problems should learn to self-examine their feet.
Here are the 4 ways to make the most of diabetic socks!
Socks should not be too big for the feet and their elastics should not be tight.
Cotton or woolen socks should be preferred in cold weather, to protect your feet from moisture and keep them drier.
Socks should be changed with clean socks every day.
In order to detect problems early, white socks would be the best choice to make.

No Show Socks
No Show socks are preferred by those who think about foot health consciously. They are are hidden inside the shoes and prevent foot strikes. No show socks are preferred due to its features such as adapting to the sole of the foot and giving flexibility due to the silicone in the heel part.
Foot health should be taken into consideration when choosing the no show socks. In particular, you should be cousious that your no show socks has a silicone in the heel part to avoid it falling of from your heel. Attention should also be given to the content and structure of the fabric. Especially if you are going to use it in the summer months, it is important to be sweat proof and wrap the feet and also have raw materials such as cotton wool that will absorb moisture.
Hugh Ugoli is the place where you will find all such features in one!
Dress Socks
Our dress socks collection are designed for both men and women traditionally in colours such as black, beige, gray, brown, navy blue and many more to choose from. For more casual wear they are sometimes offered in other colours or checkered patterns. Dress socks are worn in accompaniment to dress shoes of varying styles depending on dress codes or personal preferences.
High quality bamboo and cotton socks should be preferred for healthy feet and good comfort. Natural socks, which are non-sweating and antibacterial, protect your feet from wounds and bacteria. Produced with silver thread, the socks feel like silk with their soft material. The heel and toe part do not disturb with their seams. As the feet breathe easily, they will not sweat and the feet will stay dry. It is durable and long-lasting as long as the conditions of use are followed!
Reasons why you should wear bamboo sock!

Did you know that bamboo is not only a plant, but it is increasingly used in the textile industry?

Bamboo fiber, which is contained in bamboo, is of great interest to us today. The Bamboo plant is rare and exotic, which makes it difficult to find everywhere. This plant is environmentally friendly since it grows efficiently without requiring a lot of water.

Here are some reasons for wanting to have bamboo socks:

No more odors coming from socks thanks to these antibacterial properties, resistant, soft, lightweight and above all, it allows moisture to escape from the skin, which means the skin is always in a comfortable state.
It is hypoallergenic; It is the favorite among people with sensitive skin, thanks to its non-irritating properties for the skin. This is why she captures the hearts of so many people.
We, the Hugh Ugoli team, have carefully crafted our Bamboo socks by studying the priorities of this plant. To ensure the integrity of the material, we create our socks in a delicate manner.
Our articles reflect the priorities of the plant. All four seasons you will be comfortable with them. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from our bamboo socks collection for both male and female.This is why bamboo is the best choice for your foot health!

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